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      All levels of rotation speed that the spindle of the automatic CNC lathe can complete

      2021-11-12 11:42:57

      The spindle speed of the automatic CNC lathe can be completed at all levels to form a speed sequence from small to large. The spindle speed efficiency sequence mostly adopts a proportional sequence, and its common ratio is that the speeds of all levels are the spindle speeds respectively. Arrangement according to the proportional sequence has the following advantages: 1 . The spindle of an automatic instrument lathe that makes the relative loss of the speed within the speed range is not necessarily the best cutting speed required for processing a certain workpiece. The speed is used in practice, and the durability of the tool is considered. Generally, its speed Loss, the relative speed loss is not large, if it is close to the right time, it is still selected as the operating speed, the relative speed loss generated is the relative speed loss and reflects the loss of the consumption rate. In order to keep the larger value of this loss from exceeding a certain value, that is, a certain value here. It can be seen that the relationship between the two-stage speed is like this. 2. Simplify the design of the variable speed transmission system. The spindle speed of the automatic instrument lathe arranged in a proportional series is convenient to use a number of sliding gears in series to complete.

      When each transmission ratio of each slip gear set is a series of equal ratios, the product of the transmission ratios of each stage. That is, the spindle speed is also a proportional sequence. In order to facilitate the use, design and make the maximum relative speed loss not exceed. my country has stipulated the standard gold ratios, which are 1.06, 1.12, 1.26, 1.41, 1.58, 1.78, and 2, respectively, which are the open integer powers of 2 and 10, respectively. After the speed change range of the main shaft is confirmed, the smaller the common ratio of 9, the more speed change stages, and the more complicated the structure of the machine tool. However, considering the performance, a smaller common ratio can reduce the relative speed loss. Details can be selected according to the consumption rate of the machine tool and construction requirements. The three axes of the automatic CNC lathe adopt linear rolling guides and are driven by servo motors. According to the needs of parts processing, the side power head can be selected to realize the combined processing of drilling and milling. Equipped with automatic feeder, it can realize automatic production.

      The automatic CNC lathe has the characteristics of reasonable structure, fast tool change and high reliability in design. Compared with similar machine tools, the centering machine can significantly reduce the number of feedings and improve the processing efficiency when processing relatively slender parts. For many parts with a length of less than 150MM, the full length of the part can be processed in one feeding. With the development of computer technology and the continuous expansion of CNC machining teaching, there are more and more CNC machining simulation systems, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. It can therefore be used to initially check the program, observing the movement of the tool to determine if a collision is possible. Use the graphics simulation processing function that comes with the fully automatic CNC lathe. Generally, the more advanced automatic CNC lathes have the function of graphics simulation processing. Before automatic processing, in order to avoid program errors, the tool can collide with the workpiece or chuck, and the entire processing process can be simulated graphically to check whether the tool path is correct.


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